New One in Town (Auszug)

He stared down the streets
Where the scumbags meet
Tried to cover his feet

Never give up
Fear no pain
This new life
Your last chance

Remember your own way
Don't listen what others say
Think, don't go astray

Distressed (Auszug)

Mother earth, please save my soul,
Don't let me loose it all.
This senseless killing, every day,
They're all bastards in their own way.
Never-ending mind control,
TV screens and papers tall.
Think for yourself and free your mind,
Leave this whole shit behind.
So let's drink up, cheers to you all,
Don't lose the fun before the fall.

And you also don’t k now… (Auszug)

Everything‘s shading
Watching your face change into grey
Everything‘s fading
And now may head is hitting ground
Everything‘s turning
Abrupt my feet are rising high
Everything is getting worse
And you can’t tell me why

The last gin‘s swallowed
My friend we were busy tonight
The last cab followed the dawn,
It‘s oh so far away
The last sip’s corroding
Our throats so absolutely bad
The last thing to do will be
To find our way back

Hours (Auszug)

49 fucking hours
I've been here today
But I can't help it
Nothing changed

They tried to teach me
But they have failed
From my salvation
I was betrayed

Four times dead (Auszug)

Desolated, was my youth
Never told you, the truth
Half forgotten, in time
That's no living, for mankind

I've got no answers, for you
But I loved'ya, that's true
A plastic bag stays behind
4 times dead, in my mind

Too late (Time)

Running down the street
Moving fast, making speed.
Have no time, am too late
But you have to wait.
8 pm sharp,
I'll had to be at the park

The time, run's out
Precious pain, no doubt
Pretend you don't hear
The clock's ticking won't disappear

Every second a nightmare
Of seeing me soon in a wheelchair
Every breath of fresh air
Seems to be a new dare

Time is calling
I'm so afraid
Getting older,
Lifeless and colder

Crazy Bitch Ass Motherfucker

Did you saw him drink last night?
Looked like he had a fight.
Spied on all with hungry eye
Deep within them truth may lie

Swollen was the upper lip
Held the glass with a tight grip
Where he came, no one knows
But trouble comes where he goes

But even worse looks the bride
That’s fastened by his side
Ugly as the sun shines bright
Hugh’s him to her bosom tight

Crazy bitch ass motherfucker
Get out of here
We want no trouble, no trouble
Just drink up your beer

Nightmares (Auszug)

Not sleeping well
Forgot the time
It now takes shape
In my mind
A darker place

Forges the fear
Pain inside of me
Resting in dreams
A darker side of me
Fear of loss

Darkness comes
Decisions fade
Blinded by light
Holding a moment
Close to my heart

Who watches over my dreams?
While you are away from me,
For reasons I don’t understand
The nightmares will never end

Dopesmoker (Auszug)

Can't you see the small circles around my head?
They make my mind feel like its filled with lead

Strange thoughts keep knocking at my door
But I cant help it, I just want some more!

Please be so kind!
I pray to you

Bonless Hope (Auszug)

Who tears the flesh from the bones?
Who keeps the tyranns on their thrones?
Who weeps in the dark of night?
Who decides whats wrong and whats right?

Water will always flow into the sea
Wind will always stirr a withering tree
Earth will always turn around the sun
But even time can't make things undone

I can't and won't help anyone
I can't make things undone
I will just go my lonley way
I will not care what you may say

You got any hope left?
It's just bonless hope
And I don't want to cope
With this boneless hope

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